Do Bernie Sanders Supporters Have More In Common With The Greens Than The Democrats?

As someone looking in from the outside, the US political system appears to be crying out for some alternative options and there is absolutely no way the Republican Party and the Democratic Party represent the views of all Americans between them – not even close! Both of the main parties are going through somewhat of a shake up with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agitating the hell out of the respective parties.

Bernie Sanders environment policies

Clearly, many Bernie Sanders supporters will find it very difficult to feel inspired and invigorated by Hillary Clinton who is as “establishment” as it gets and offers nowhere even close to the type of progressive policies Bernie Sanders hopes to bring to the table.

So I guess there is a major question every Bernie supporter needs to ask themselves…. Are you a democrat first and foremost or are you willing to roll up your sleeves and use your vote to vote for what you believe in rather than voting mindlessly for a president that you do not believe in?

In recent weeks I have seen the Libertarian Party try and reach out to Bernie supporters by suggesting that Bernie Sanders supporters have more in common with Libertarians than Hillary Clinton.  There may be a little truth in that but it is absolutely critical that people are aware that the Libertarian party is a right wing class of Libertarian.  You will find many of their policies make sense but there will be key issues you find very difficult to relate to.

So where else do you turn?  The only viable alternative I can see is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

jill stein

What is Dr Jill Stein about? See below extract from her website

“We are being battered by unemployment, inequality, poverty, injustice, endless war, impending climate catastrophe, and a broken, corrupt political system. There are solutions for all these problems, but they’re being blocked by political parties that serve the corporate elite, not the people. We need a new way forward that puts people, planet and peace over profit. 

My campaign is dedicated to empowering the American people to make real the promise of democracy, and set our own course toward a brighter future. If not now, when? For our families, our communities, and our Earth, let’s come together to create the better America we know is possible. It’s in Our Hands!”

A Harvard educated physician, it is difficult to question Dr Stein’s intellectual and problem solving abilities.  She currently holds the records for the most votes for a female presidential candidate following the 2012 election and she seems to have a very clear vision that makes a lot of sense!

I stumbled across a facebook page that has started a petition to get Bernie Sanders to endorse Jill Stein if he loses the democratic nomination:

There are some interesting conversations and links in there that are definitely worth reading.

If I were living in the US and staring down the barrel of having to choose between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, I would be signing up to support Jill Stein very quickly.  2016 could be the starting point for changing the complexion of US politics forever and a strong Green Party in the US can only be a good thing in my view.

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